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but the man did not agree

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's side of the head in the past. "Hey, Hey,hollister deutschland, Hey, wake up ......" the man shouted again and again after the police arrived, the man is no response, I do not know is dead or alive, the man looks very scary. Man wakes up to and assessed by the police but the police found that the man gave his pulse and no accidents. Suddenly,,mulberry sale, the man stood up from the flower beds,louboutin pas cher, reeking of booze 110 police wielded against a punch, a dodge police,abercrombie pas cher,, but still was the man hit his chin. Then the man kept to be assessed by the police, mouth vague warned police that he was certain organs, so that the police pay attention. Police when about their uniforms to the ground,abercrombie france,, then the man still kept to and assessed by the police, so the police force into a police car you want to be sober, life and death, but the man did not agree, but also constantly entangled with the police. In desperation,mulberry outlet, the police only through their mobile phones to find the body of the man's family. Men do not want to go home two hundred meters to go one hour and soon the road, a woman claiming to be the wife of the man arrived on the scene. The man pulled the woman on the go, life and death do not agree to go to the man, the police still be entangled,barbour outlet, called his wife rushed to the man's son,,doudoune moncler,, took him home a hard man to walk for a while and looked back,louboutin, so , the man on the road about 200 meters from home,,air jordan pas cher, go back and forth for an hour was only one person forcibly dragged home. It is understood that the man was a chief of a drunken authorities in Nanjing, last week, the night before,]buy, Zhou and a few friends got drunk together,,hollister online shop, could not find the door to the house,mulberry outlet, it will be water on the West Gate Bridge a wooden flower bed to fall asleep when the bed together.

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Posted on Saturday, Dec 14th (4 weeks ago)

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« Previous "Do not come up » Next recently introduced by the Association of Sichuan Weiyuan come to work. Police...