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modern", not only that, but also from the 1980s began to study a new type of Chinese character input method, "It can be said that several years of research and sleepless nights, after criticism and pain But fortunately finally have the results! "in 2002, South Wenyuan elderly invention patents granted for the country. The next day he was more back and forth, "I hope to be able to promote this scientific input method, but no one can understand me!" Yesterday afternoon, the reporter in Shenyang Agricultural University, saw the retired old man, talking about being shelved The invention, South teacher look of frustration. Old teacher obsessed with Chinese character coding "now used in many kinds of input methods are lacking to follow the law, it is difficult to use!" South teacher graduated from Shenyang Agricultural College in 1949, engaged in 30 years of foreign language translation and Library and Information Service, has been obsessed with Character Coding. 1985 has been the home of the Southern retired teacher wants to own a computer professional applications to the Chinese character input method, so hard at study start. "There is no law,, it is very hard for beginners to learn,nfl jerseys, one by one, after all, not the way back!" He found the students to input Chinese characters on a computer using Wubi input method,air jordan pas cher,, often "painful" to root back,, one on the keyboard a corresponding, often half a month of hard study can not skilled typing,,peuterey outlet, spelling and some people again are not familiar with the Pinyin input method when typing because the flat cocky, homophones, etc. greatly affect the input speed, "so I think it should be There is a science to the Chinese character encoding method! "" Do not come up, I would really crazy, "holding this belief,mulberry sale, he began to Xinhua Dictionary for all characters for structural analysis," During that time nobody could understand me, my colleagues I can not believe I heard a study out there who can ask me directly and Wubi input method than you "face questioning his decision not to explain wholeheartedly in the coding research. In those days, the family discovered that he often "stupidly" in front of the front desk dictionary, data sit day, "Characters and analysis than is immune!" Fishing, table tennis two largest hobby during this time have been shelved, "Do not come up, I would really crazy!" Finally after two years of painstaking research,, summarized repeated thousands of times,hollister, he discovered in 1987, whether or Chinese characters coding machine has strict inspection rules to follow, and then proposed kanji "structural code." Promotion input cold Thereafter,peuterey, he began to perfect his research, and the preparation of materials thousand words. "In 1998, I applied for a national patent!" South teacher received by the State Intellectual Property Office issued a patent certificate in 2002, seeing the results of their research had, he began excitedly to promote their work, the first in the school held a number of lectures. "I still use this input method, more accurate than spelling and input fast!" Colleague Yu Jian Zhang teacher teacher told reporters the South, South teacher input method in the school and his own promotion, while the rise among students , there are also some teachers started to learn to use, but later gradually "cool" down. "For people who are not other input methods,mulberry outlet, the use of this is very fast, but generally the first to learn the other does not want to back to it!" Some users say so. South Wenyuan began between the various universities,,mulberry outlet,, research institutions around,hogan outlet, "lobbying", hope that their research can get more recognition and promotion, "This input method 1-2 days to master,louboutin pas cher, and accurate input speed Fast! nobody wants to always look carefully at my research ...... "old trembling voice conceal lonely. At the end of the interview, the old man took out a patent certificate again,,hollister deutschland, writing a pile of textbooks and other information to reporters, "structural code is scientific analysis of wrong word pay 5000 yuan!" Elderly want their horses to identify coding experts give yourself some advice,doudoune moncler, and to promote open this input method. The reporter left the micro-photography Lishuang Qi

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« Previous High-tech Zone Housing Demolition Management Office after examining and approving the the company's... » Next but the man did not agree