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it should not stay here knows

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's eyes finally intersection of two birds together. That back and forth to see the serpent retractable Nobuko, two thrushes realized apocalyptic, suffer from the cage is shut tightly,hollister, they are jumping up and down on the inside, just can not get away this time had become unusually cheerful sounds shrill. Snake seemed to enjoy this fear of prey, head to the cage advance. Although sad, but the bird is still the owner of the snake serpent released fortunate misfortune also thrush may be a long time without eating, snake's body will actually crossed the pitch more than one centimeter fence, then a bite of one of them thrush. Shekou want to get rid of thrush, but since the serpent too much power, thrush is a swallow. Another thrush is scared of flying in the cage, kept his mouth to peck at the door. Serpent enough, turned around and bite the rapid leg only thrush quickly 大半个身子 entered the Shekou. Thrush who dropped a lot of feathers in the struggle, but it is also a short burst of chirping being swallowed snake belly. Serpent suddenly bulging belly up, it should not stay here knows, and slowly walk out, I did not realize half the body out of the abdomen is a fence tightly stuck. Snake back and forth to try a few times, just can not go out, Nobuko spit more anxious. In this case,moncler outlet, the horse lady also installed water returned,hollister online shop, she came closer, how can a bird cage shadow,hollister, only a cauliflower snake dish in the cage. I saw this little child smugglers, Lao Gao belly drum, gourd like a drug, there is a cage full of Torike ground, horse lady knows her beloved birds must make this snake to eat. After serpent see people, more quickly squirmed, want to force through the fence so that bulging belly, the result has failed. At this point, there is a neighbor heard the news arrived one after another, to see yourself become the focus of attention, the serpent is very tight, the letter old son vomited long, my head held high expensive. See the "murderer" was arrested after also so "arrogant", neighbors have said, simply kill simmer soup, both to the elderly make up the body, but also for the birds revenge. Ma old lady thought for a moment,hollsiter sale, I feel bad after all, killing the birds can not be resurrected, and eventually she decided to put a serpent. After the cage door wide open, the snake slipped out instantly invisible, and the old lady looked at the empty cage, shake their heads. ■ news the reporter Guo Yipeng little bulbul bird lovers fell to the ground injured people under the care of the people rescued WASHINGTON yesterday morning, in Nanjing Shimonoseki East Fort side of the road, could be affected by strong winds, have found that passing from Indus roadside tree falling four birdies. Unfortunately, there are two birds to stray kitten near eaten, the remaining two (pictured) is the public He promptly fortunately rescued and adopted them. 7 o'clock in the morning,louboutin pas cher, who lives nearby residents of East Fort Chan, hand and ready to go to the white-eye birds Liuniao,hollister, passing large trees near the plane trees,hollister, heard above a two adult bulbul constantly "twitter" call out . By this time,nfl jerseys, while the thin bird calls to attract the eyes of Mr. Chen, a closer look, I saw four birdies on the ground flopping is probably coming from the Indus falling tree, but also injured. Unexpectedly,louboutin, the calls of birds attracted a few stray cats near the attention. They take advantage of people do not pay attention, took the two ran. Chen hastily rescued the remaining two. Chen picked up the two birds, on the hands trying to let it fly branches, but the bird fluttered for a moment, or fly away. In desperation, Mr. Chen had to temporarily adopt the birds. Right now, under the care of his birds have more spirit. Chen said that after his return to health, etc., so that they learn to fly, and then return to the arms of their parents. (Mei Jianming)


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Posted on Monday, Dec 2nd (4 weeks ago)

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