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People picked up 8000 yuan bank card bank mistakenly deposited bear repellent

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's Bank. On the 17th, the reporter, after consultation with the Bank, a staff member said that it will apply to the head office, try to notify the card owner. Pick up card pocket hides misdirected 8000 to Liu strange card work in a bank near a laundromat,, on the 6th day, he and two launderers have made a wage, exceptionally happy. At that time, two laundries no bank card,peuterey, so I hope Liu can pay for safekeeping. Mr. Liu did not think he agreed, then took 8000 dollars toward the bank. "In the bank door that place." Liu's fingers to the bank,abercrombie pas cher, 100 meters away on the sidewalk, "I picked up a card, just also this bank." Liu said he wanted in his own business after finishing, to the bank,, then hides into his pocket. Who would have thought this kind of move, but a careless thing to do. Reporters saw, although Liu picked cards belong to a bank card,barbour sale, but the pattern is not the same,, picked up card is a 2009 release,louboutin, the above pattern is a black and white sketch, a horse, a ancients. Mr. Liu's card is issued by the end of 2011 was born Xiaoka colored dragon. Liu handed the card hand,barbour outlet, when a salesperson does not realize that they exist wrong. "You are overseas card was deducted 20 yuan fee." Said salesperson handed out a list, so that Liu signed Liu looked at his hands card, signed by the names on the list was "Zhu Ying" . At this time Mr. Liu suddenly Mongolia,, "Oh, I kept the wrong." Alarm to no avail blocked account not only help tracing bank said privately that they have no authority to remove the customer's money, that is illegal, require Liu police. Liu alarm, the police made a record, but said the matter should be resolved by the banks. Finally to provide a bank card master Zhu Liu Ying Bank,,hogan outlet,, the Dalian City, an operating room,louboutin pas cher, so that Liu himself to find the card owner,mulberry sale, and that the card had no money,, has now been carried out on the funds freeze, even Zhu Ying I also take no money. Banks did not have any problem banks operating on the 17th,, reporters once again came to Anderson street banks, a staff surnamed Jiang said the staff to operate the window did not have any problems at 50,hollister,000 yuan deposit, you can not Ask username, "Even if I take someone else's card, we have to keep," while the bank's hotline staff said that if this happens, can only be resolved through the judiciary. Reporters asked whether banks can provide contact information Zhu Ying,mulberry sale, Ms. Jiang said the bank has no authority to read the customer's information, but Monday official work, they can apply to the head office, tried to contact Zhu Ying. Yesterday afternoon, reporters call the Bank of Dalian where Zhu Ying phone, but still no answer,hollister france, hotlines side said that the branch weekends. Zhu Ying, where are you Zhu Ying do you know There are so a sum of money,hollister paris, you need her to help out, there are three migrant workers who mailed back home waiting for the money to children to buy school bags, stationery, pencils, if you have a personal side Jiaozhu Ying, please call our hotline Phone 0431-960011. (Reporter Sun Shengying report / photo)

By nbht2jur

Posted on Sunday, Nov 24th (4 weeks ago)

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« Previous er tea Airlines » Next Drunk driving kneel to reporters, said do not shoot do not want to go to jail...