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Vendors abandoned stall when called on to find a sense of belonging chased coordinators

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'm willing, I want to make an appearance, and civilized law enforcement, in order to infect other coordinators and their behavior." July 26, 42-year-old Chan Yun red sitting in Hanyang District, Wuhan Urban Management Bureau on sofas, compared with eloquent gestures, sounds slightly nervous. He had just come in the outdoor hot, dry face sweat yet. Earlier, Chan Yun red stall six years. July 1, he became the urban management coordinators. "Hawker when chased," the news, the local media reported, attracted national attention. Chan Yun hawkers go red in the end is "undercover" urban management, or be chased "amnesty" "Does not exist",doudoune moncler pas cher, for these questions, Chan Yun Hung answer to all three words. If you ask too then fine point, he said, "Well you see materials, materials in both written." Newspaper intern reporter Tan Jun green Wuhan reported on July 26, chased coordinators Chan Yun Hung ordered in Hanyang District Urban Management Bureau office to be interviewed. Posts first few days, one placed in the main road from the fruit stand not listen, holding a broom Chan Yun red with anger. Hawkers shouting "beat up, chased beat up!" Chan Yun Hung gently down the broom, sweep up the floor a rubbish. Already familiar hawkers, laughter. This story is the media reporter Chan Yun Hung widely preached plot. Catch the past, repeated three or four times a night Chan Yun Hung born in 1971, 36 years old laid off. Before Wuhan City Public Security Fire Equipment Factory to work. Fitter, turner,louboutin, auto mechanics have done, sales are also engaged in a period, in short, "a person can do three things." But the "state-owned enterprises, encounter, encounter you know, we are SMEs, only 70 employees, it was put down, which is no way of national policy." Run Chen Hong said. In that small state-owned enterprises, Chan Yun Hung accumulated some wealth, and his wife together in the Hanyang villages built a 400 square meters of the house, now houses more than 5,000 yuan monthly rental. In 2000, the factory's encouragement, he got a self-taught diploma Hubei University, majoring in administration. But this diploma did not bring new life to his role. The end of 2006 after being laid off, "all of a sudden find the North, confused, can not find their own lives, can not find a sense of belonging." In 2007, he began to set up a stall in the vicinity Wangjiawan. Day care for the elderly, children, going out at night. Wife in Hankou Street clothes wholesale,, he set up a stall cleaning poop. Monopoly 18-40 year-old women, the price of 20-30 dollars. He drove a station on both sides of a small electric car with pedals, spread pedal, pull good 4 shelves, it becomes a stall. Saturday, Sunday, May,, 11, New Year,, Spring Festival, the business is a good day, a day to sell more than 1000 yuan goods, earn five hundred dollars. Usually, when will 1500-2000 yuan a month income. Liantan with him there to sell hairpins, selling slippers, selling small articles of daily. When more than four dozen stalls spread out all the way. Although vendors are mobile, mix cooked a few days. Who is calling a "urban coming", everyone ran. Then hawkers on urban management in general is "resentment." Chased a result, they can not do business, and put away something hasty flash people. Chased a walk, they stand back pendulum swing, a waste of time, and very no dignity. This cat and mouse, a night sometimes to be repeated three or four times. Years of experience, so Chan Yun Hung exceptionally agile to escape when chased, "roll clothes, shelves said something you can run." He often choose booth also "poised" - Carrefour Plaza intersection of two roads, which is divided into urban districts have cut-off point, but also the "customers come see, come also see urban areas, urban management from This way, I have to piece road race ", so Chan Yun Hung hardly been chased grabbed. Until this year, May 22, urban management and law enforcement team conducted a raid on wangjiawan, this Chan Yun red "missed," and by law enforcement officers to seize and minus three ladies. The buckle, even changed the trajectory of his life. Turning want a stable job, do not break the law enforcement officers are not at risk of being deducted the value of the three women less than 50 dollars. Chan Yun red go next stall hawkers around talking about last night, who was received what, who was received anything. Some people say, urban take away something that is not come back, as well as people say, anyway, a few pairs of socks worth some money. Then someone encouraged him, "You are the locals, afraid what You have the ability to go to come back for our tree a role model." Chan Yun red one, you really decided to go to it. In urban management corps, Chan Yun red onward to find Hanyang District Urban Management Bureau law enforcement brigade commissar Huang Gongguo. When he came in with a full of grievances, Huang Diyan Commissar give him, and give him tea,peuterey, "I had tears came out." Huang Gongguo appease him, you come tomorrow to find Hu captain. The next day, about seeing red as Chan Yun Hu, and was informed that clothes can help you find, but you are illegal Jeeves, is to be punished. At this time, Chan Yun Hung down 20 dollars to buy a pack of cigarettes, Hu captain flatly refused. Chan Yun red again touched, "the community on urban management evaluation is not high, but in contact with the process, I do not think it is so." Chased from there to return the clothes, Chan Yun Hung did not go to stall it. He began to rethink their lives. "I do not want to go wandering so, you want a stable job, do not break the law,louboutin pas cher, do not take risks." Stay at home after a week, Chan Yun Hung first thought when chased coordinators. He again went into the yellow commissar's office. Yellow multi-link,hogan outlet, Hanyang District Urban Management Bureau directly under the three squadron commander Tang Yong considered position, he can recruit exceptional. Please be responsible for the Tangyong Shen Hung Chan Yun Wangjiawan near his past stall lots. "The same is still dealing with vendors, I am familiar with this environment,louboutin pas cher, there is intimacy." Run Chen Hong said. Tang Yong agreed to his request. Don on coordinators expectation is that "no law enforcement, collect things,mulberry sale, is to promote the idea of ​​government regulations, and the government assured people satisfied with the way to go and hawkers deal." Before deciding when coordinators, Chan Yun Hung and his wife also had discuss. His wife said, "chased a bad reputation," Run Chen Hong said, "It's always someone to do the work thiophene." The couple's most important is "how to say a formal job, a proper job, not like before evasive." This Chan Yun Hung is now often diverted to persuade vendors are the main points. According to the Urban Management Bureau of the material,, there are a slew stalls brother, was persuaded to go to work the Chan. Change his long repressed,, respected coordinators formal contract after moving chased after monthly income of only 1,200 yuan, but to buy full insurance. Coordinators have an advantage,hollister, can working at night, from 17:00 to 22:00, "How could this happen general business." Frequently during the day and he can still take care of her sick mother, pick up the child. In the 13-year-old daughter, Chan Yun red eyes, urban management is a sense of honor career. The little girl who fill father's occupation when distressed, Chen made her fill out the "property manager" homophonic "unemployed managers." Now, "daughter to see people are introduced, 'My father is chased'." Run Chen Hong said. However, Tang Yong believes that Chan Yun Hung is currently working for urban management is still in an "emotional stages", "before he was driving his contact with the inspectors who are living in a very long repressed environment,mulberry sale, twisted heart is in the urban Bureau respected after moving, with the changing role of the idea. "When the inspectors will not let Chan Yun Hung more confident Which he repeatedly said, "does not exist, does not exist." But deny finished, he was quite proud to say, "When I was chased, hawkers get water, fruit ah, I do not, I told them,, I do not want you to something." Was put together and Chan Yun Hung Over hawker stalls is how they see Chan Yun red When a reporter to find them, I hope they talk about when they do not want to say that the majority of waved his hand. Urban Management Bureau staff, because of the recent interview with too many vendors are afraid of exposing too much, after stall inconvenient. And Chan Yun had a stall with red, red advised to leave after receiving hawkers Chan Yun said, "emotion face feel strange, it is not chased anyone can when " For this argument, Chan Yun Hung's response was, "that you go Candidates try to see whether or not you chased. "hairpin hawkers selling another said," He is with us to put off stalls acquaintances, but he still thrust us when chased ah. "Run Chen Hung responded," Jeeves is illegal, and you want to the city's traffic,air jordan pas cher, fire safety's sake thiophene. "words between the hawkers have to see when he looks like. Tang Yong said that in fact he saw Chan Yun red when dealing with initial and hawkers, "face some stiff expression." Now the same coordinators work very hard two months, Chan Yun red or through the probation period,abercrombie pas cher, the formal signing of urban management coordinators. He said that for so many years, he finally has "belonging", with the "warmth." Party secretary call him "Chen", he faces thrown a shy smile. In the Urban Management Bureau, he tried to behave obedience. When the Urban Management Bureau leadership arrangements reporter went to his duty point interview, everyone sit Urban Management Bureau of white law enforcement vehicles, and he launched from the foot of an old bike, leadership exclaim, "This is more simple." When a television reporter did not get his persuasion hawkers picture,hollister france, asked him again, he very readily make the same with the previous action, completely ignoring the exhortations hawkers look of embarrassment. The same as before, the coordinators work equally hard. Previously, he was every day 4:30 get up, ride electric vehicles to take his wife to the clothing store to work, then go home and send their children to school. Evening pick up the kids after school, riding electric car stall out. When the wardens,, his wife and children do not pick up every day 16:30 noon leftovers to heat it in the microwave, eat to ride a bike to work. Sometimes too late, an extended stay in the place you want to buy a bowl, drink and glanced around the itinerant traders. Coordinators are the "road work", the entire six hours. Chan Yun red and the other two players together, responsible for Carrefour wangjiawan from intersection to intersection shilipu sections. 800 meters of the road, night to go 20 back and forth, completely pedestrian, "Only the captain can sit in the car patrols." He said. Chan Yun red work only goal is to make the main road does not appear on an itinerant traders. "I used to think urban mighty,, it is now truly feel bitter and tired." He said, "you know that the temperature of Wuhan City, the traffic police and umbrellas, but nothing we can not wear a hat, wear trousers, maintain the image . "Every day he finished with a pot of water, and sometimes drank four bottles of water," four bottles is four dollars out of their own. speech on drinking more and more, with the same stall, this line also needs coordinators a lot of 'saliva'. "he reveals ordinary citizens budget. July 28 evening, a reporter about him that he had set up a stall in front of Carrefour meet. Since Carrefour went on the road, a row filled with grapes, peaches, watermelon fruit stand is a hot sale. He wore "Hanyang city management" of the vest over, then the row of fruit stands go clean, never seem to stay in that too. Chan Yun Hung looked away in the direction of the street vendors who said, "I came that they certainly have walked." Just a month ago, he is also dismayed that support teams in an escape.

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